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Alpha hydroxy acids, glycolic acid for acne scars


Solitary use of a glycolic acid cream ( the most known and widely used alpha hydroxy acid, AHA’s) even though fairly helpful in scars treatment , does not appear to be very promising. Its impact in improvement of skin pigmentation and age spots as well as lines and wrinkles is contributory but periodic. PH and concentration of products, which vary greatly, are two major factors in determining efficacy of glycolic acid for acne scars.

Mechanism of action

Alpha hydroxy acids,AHA’s, such as glycolic acid at high-concentration and low-pH produce epidermolysis, a physical separation of the epidermis from the dermis in sheet-like masses (also known as the peeling effect). In lower concentrations despite a low pH, however, the effect of a glycolic acid for acne scars is not as dramatic. Lower concentration of glycolic acid may reduce the strength of intercellular corneocyte bonds, disrupting the adhesion of corneocytes in the lower stratum corneum. More rapid cell loss and sloughing, which is the basis of exfoliation, is the net result.

Glycolic products in combination

On the other hand, combination therapy with AHA’s, BHA’s, and retinoids simultaneously works as effective skin resurfacing approach to acne scars. These agents do the job of skin renewal and help with scars removal. They make skin renewal to happen faster than usual. One renewing agent won’t be as effective, since skin adapts to most renewing agents within a few months especially to application of a glycolic acid for acne scars. However, when you use different renewing agents this reaction does not occur. Another factor that reduces effectiveness of different renewing agents is pH neutralization of the glycolic acid product.

Serum technology

A glycolic acid product may be used by plastic surgeons to perform chemical peels for acne scars or as a rejuvenating treatment. This is a strong peeling agent, even though not strongest. There are 50% and 70% solutions to perform a glycolic acid for acne scars only by professionals. We have experienced once-a-week peelings with acne scars treatment could be very helpful in reduction of facial scars and creating a smooth skin. This serum is basically a boost to your at home regimen. It enhances the penetration of scars serum and its effectiveness. Care must be exercised using “scars treatment serum” in that it is a potent solution leveraging serum technology to enhance it’s penetration and effectiveness. It should not be used on red or irritated skin. Use of scars serum can get your skin red from time to time. Ensure that your skin is not red before use of “acne scars serum”.

There are a few more helpful skin care tips such as once a week scrubbing, which are very helpful. Three-minutes massage of serum for acne scars treatment over your entire face and neck is of paramount importance as well. This massage aids even absorption of therapeutic ingredients and increases circulation of the skin. Also Day Effect (among the three piece kit) is a nourishing moisturizer which helps to loosen flakes and moisturize your skin as well as helping your skin to rebuild itself by providing it with nutrients it needs the most. Making the epidermal cells working harder requires providing them with more nutrients. “Day Effect” is this provider. It is enriched with marine proteins, essential fatty acids such as GLA (gamma linolenic acid), amino acids and minerals. “Day Effect” is also a soothing vehicle and heals the skin with soothing botanical extracts.

We believe all three elements of three-piece treatment for acne scars are necessary for an effective treatment. Please note this kit is not a miracle to remove your facial acne scars completely in a month. However, in six months considerable difference in depth of your scars is readily recognizable. Also your skin tone and texture will be dramatically changed. AHAs especially in higher concentrations such as that of a glycolic peel for acne scars also increase sensitivity to the sun by removing the upper, protective stratum corneum. Use of sunblock during the day is essential for those who use the serum at night.

Skin resurfacing at-home regimen

Choose either Night Treatment Kit or Scars Treatment Kit based on your skin condition and your primary concern. Both kit use various skin resurfacing agents in their optimal efficacy in combination with other regenerating agents. Both kits have been bioengineered for collagen remodeling within dermis layer, dermal repair serum, stimulation of skin’s natural healing mechanisms and skin resurfacing. Enriched with many anti aging elements, each kit alters skin tone and texture dramatically.

Night Treatment Kit addresses aging concerns while Scars Treatment Kit main target is skin scarring. Hyperpigmentation, aging spots, lines and wrinkles are dramatically improve in the first two weeks of use. Skin will be retexturized with significant improvement in its elasticity and firmness.

This resurfacing treatment serum minimizes and tightens the pores, smooth away cutaneous damages.

Retexturizing glycolic treatment speeds the cell renewal of epidermis zone and assist with rapid evacuation of dead cells.

Contains: Bioflavanoids, Green tea extract and alpha lipoic acid. Acne scar kit take advantage of these powerful anti oxidants to eliminate hyperpigmentation spots and skin’s discolorations as a result of acne. Skin oxidation of lipids may be prevented as well. This can results in delays in collagen deterioration. Those who still deal with active acne, may use another formulation called, acne treatment. Even though this package targets comedones and acne breakouts, it has significant effect on elimination and treating acne scarring.