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Collagen remodelling, dermal repair and acne scar treatment

New formulation, what is dermal repair complex?

Development of dermal repair serum started with the idea that most acne scars result from loss and disruption of connective tissue fibers within dermis layer, the layer right underneath epidermis, while epidermal injury is minimal. Not only deficient collagen synthesis but also loss of collagen fibers arrangement involves in formation of scar tissue. Targeted effort of our lab has been pointed toward increasing natural ability of the skin to repair itself by potentiating its microcirculation and provision of the nutrients it needs the most as well as active biomolecules which directly or indirectly promote connective tissue repair processes.

 Dermal repair complex serum to restore metabolic functions of the skinDermal repair complex serum to restore metabolic functions of the skin, optimizing an environment where connective tissue repair perpetually reoccur.


  • To help skin repair alignment of connective tissue fibers
  • To increase skin microcircutation and potentiate its repair capabilities
  • To provide the skin with essential nutrients and help with reconstruction of lost connective tissue
  • To increase skin tone and firmness, lost as a result of acne scars


Enriched in bioflavanoids and C-peptides this new addition to serum for acne scars works in synergy with acne scars treatment serum and Day Effect to bring optimal skin resurfacing results to your skin. Dermal repair serum , leveraged by serum technology, works within the dermis, promoting activation of connective tissue fibers to rebuild and remodel themselves by providing an environment for the growth factors to properly function.

How to use dermal repair serum:

Apply once a day in the morning before application of Day Effect nourishing cream. Wait for one to three minutes and then massage Day Effect as you need. Please visit the page for application of acne scars treatment kit.

At-home acne scar treatment regimen using high potency serums:

Treating acne scarring using an at-home regimen is a lengthy treatment requires patience. However, we have developed a skin care tailored for damaged skin using high-potency serums which we have found more effective than laser skin resurfacing. This skin care changes your skin dramatically within one month. What will be more noticeable is the glow and smoothness in your skin rather than scar lesions. Deep facial scars may never disappear completely, yet, your skin will divert into a skin strikingly different appearance in terms of overall smoothness and radiance while appearance of acne scars becomes far less pronounced. Aging scars, due to loss of connective tissue within deeper layers of the skin, later in life may precipitate concern which is well managed by regular daily use of dermal repair. Read also frequently asked questions.

This system takes six to twelve months to smooth away damaged lesions, depends on their depth. Resurfacing acne scar serum works on the surface of the skin, epidermis, as well as deep within the dermis layer and performs as an at-home regimen for scar removal. It also benefits from re-texturizing properties of multiple agents for skin resurfacing, damaged by long-held acne. Hippocrates promise to provide the most valuable information for visitors.