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Anti aging eye serum, dermal repair complex

EYE TREATMENT - Fine lines and sagginess serum

15 ml -1/ 2 fl.oz
USD $92

Hypoallergenic, all skin types, complimentary shipping

Product Brief

Eye Treatment, anti aging eye serum

An element of evidence-based skin care for under eye contours

Hypoallergenic Ester-C, seaweed peptides and ceramide Triple complex

Perpetual delivery of collagen revivers, epidermal growth factor


  • Instantly softens the appearance of surface lines by enhancing dermis glycoproteins to recover its resilience using a serum, a more robust vehicle to deliver the essential biomolecules to the deeper layers of the skin
  • Restoring firmness, correcting sagginess by stimulation of collagen synthesis deep within the dermis and increasing micro-circulation of the skin using epidermal growth factors
  • Brightens under eyes area, eradicating dark circles using organic compounds, not chemicals
  • Attenuating puffiness and signs of fatigue by increasing the drainage and restoring capillaries endothelium health
  • Minimizing appearance of lines and wrinkles, this anti aging eye serum conspicuously helps to firm, tone the skin and correct flaccidity of the eye area
  • Protecting against free radicals and oxidative damage which invoke skin aging, indulge your skin in might of alpha lipoic acid, bioflavonoids most research-supported free radical scavengers and resveratrol in its optimal concentration
  • Nourishing the skin under eyes by micronutrients, essential skin’s lipids and proteoglycans which structurally deteriorate as a result of skin’s aging
  • Hypoallergenic, bioengineered for sensitive skin type yet all skin types may benefit


  • Intensive treatment with promising results

    A noble treatment to your eye contours as stately as Marie-Therese and as magnanimous as Aurora, a profuse harvest of most refined ingredients backed up by anti aging research. The eye serum animates the skin dynamics by reviving the indolent repair mechanisms deep within the dermis to regain firmness and reduce wrinkling. The three Hippocrates eye care formulations are very similar in composition. Please pay attention to your primary concern to choose which anti aging skin care product suits you best. Our anti aging eye serum as well as other products are hydroquinone free.

  • How to use the skin product

    How to use anti aging eye serum

    Could be worn under your favorite moisturizer, in particular, Hippocrates Day Effect. Could be used twice a day once in the morning and once at night. Night application is most recommended and of more immediate result. Empty the dropper inside the bottle before shaking the bottle, apply as much as seven to fifteen drops of anti aging eye serum to periorbital area using your fingertip.

  • Innovative evidence-based skin care backed by research, serum technology

    How Hippocrates skin care for eye-contours can help? Prevention, correction, nutrition, protection, hydration and cleansing are all parts of Hippocrates corrective line. These delicate areas require appropriate care. Softening lines and wrinkles and fading away darkened fine circles are among promises of these evidence-based skin care.

    What are serums?

    What are serums? Serums have been recognized as the most efficient vehicles to deliver ingredients with therapeutic effects to the epidermis and deeper layers. Serums, the most complete method to penetrate layers of the skin with a targeted mission are placed at the heart of Hippocrates formulations. Their mission is to correct and they are the first step to Hippocrates anti aging program. This delivery system consisting of potent serums addresses your immediate skin care concerns from wrinkles, flaccidity, scars and dullness to age spots, acne , sensitivities, skin discoloration concerns.

    How to use eye serums

    These corrective serums applied first, followed by a nourishing or corrective moisturizer to address the secondary epidermal concerns such as loss of hydration and fatigue. A simple regimen of cleansing, moisturizer, and sun care will do the trick. However, there are also effective preventive measures you can take to delay the visible signs of aging, as well as after-the-fact strategies that can save your complexion.

    Anti aging eye treatment serums

    Hippocrates has developed three formulations for eye contours, a very delicate skin region. Eye Treatment serum for puffiness, Eye Treatment serum for dark circles under eyes and Eye Treatment for wrinkles and sagginess. Please note all three formulations/ eye creams target the sagging skin and fine lines around the eyes, yet, each anti aging eye serum has its own focus. Please see which problem concerns you the most.

    Eye Treatment Serum to Brighten Lower Eyelid Hyperpigmentation

    This anti aging eye serum has been formulated to infraorbital dark circles appearance and brighten the skin tone in this region, darkened as a result of aging process.

    anti aging eye serum for lower eyelid hyperpigmentation

    Anti aging eye treatment serum for dark circles under eyesAnti aging eye treatment serum for dark circles under eyes

    Eye Treatment Serum To Attenuate Puffiness in Lower Eyelid

    This anti aging eye serum is to target leaky capillaries and inflammatory processes which give rise to a puffy appearance in lower eyelid.

    Anti aging eye treatment serum for puffinessAnti aging eye treatment serum for puffiness