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Anti aging firming treatment cream for body

Body Firming Treatment

6.oz. 180ml
USD $98

All skin types, Complimentary shipping

Product Brief

Body firming cream

  • To reduce visible signs of aging especially sagging skin, dermal repair by working deep within the dermis (second outermost skin layer)
  • To increase elasticity and resilience of the skin
  • To minimize appearance of lines while helping to firm and tone the skin
  • To even-tone the complexion and eradicate discolorations
  • To protect the skin against free radicals, main cause of skin aging

  • The firming treatment especially formulated for the body. It is growth factors based and enriched with resveratrol and polyphenols while it provides lipids and proteins to maintain skin barrier function. Could be used after each bath on dry skin.

  • Could be used on the neck area, however, to reach a more potent formulation for double chin and aging neck area, Day Treatment, dermal repair serum is far more suggestible.