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Dermal repair complex serum

Day treatment serum, dermal repair complex

30 ml - 1 fl.oz
USD $97

Hypoallergenic, All skin types, complimentary shipping

Product Brief

Anti aging serum of dermal repair complex

Firming lift day serum, Collagen stimulation and perpetual delivery of collagen revivers, an element of evidence-based skin care


  • To reduce visible signs of aging especially sagging skin with Tripeptides and dermal repair complex
  • To increase elasticity and resilience of the skin, using sodium-ascorbyl phosphate
  • To restore mechanical integrity of dermis, compromised as a result of skin aging
  • To enhance strength of vertical pillars of the face, withered by aging and drooped by force of gravity
  • To even-tone the complexion and eradicate discolorations
  • To protect the skin against free radicals and skin aging using alpha lipoic cid and lutein
  • To help rebuild collagen and repair dermis layer to effectually prevent sagging skin
  • To lift contours of the jaw and bring firmness to the facial contours using dermal repair complex
  • To enhance skin’s level of proteoglycans, whose deterioration is known in skin’s aging process
  • To be used as an effective adjunct treatment for in-office cosmetic treatments
  • An element of Hippocrates evidence-based skin care


  • What is dermal repair complex?

    With aging cutaneous biological processes within the dermis as well as the epidermis tend to undertake a sluggish course and the circulation within the skin gradually impede.  Keratinocytes proliferation slows down, skin regeneration grows more indolent and connective tissue fibers and biomolecules which purvey strength and elasticity to the skin not simply depreciate but lose structural solidity as well.

    Dermal repair serum

    Mechanical strength of the skin is, in large, conferred by collagen type I, the most ample dermal protein, elastin and proteoglycans. Dermal repair complex leverages bioactivity of growth factors to sustain metabolic functions of the dermis and restore production of proteoglycans, glycoaminoglycans and dermal fibers, collagen type I. Inviolability of the medium in which growth factors dwell and the vehicle by which they are transferred to the dermal layer entails challenges and distinguishes one preparation from another.

    Lipid peroxidation and free radicals insult has been known for years as primary contributing factor in skin aging.  In this regard, dermal repair complex serum has been created with some of the most reputable, evidence-based anti oxidants, resveratrol and alpha lipoic acid to frustrate the toll of free radicals damage on the skin. A medium of rich anti oxidants, dermal repair complex serum ameliorates cutaneous metabolic performance to enhance dermal regeneration.

  • How to use the skin product

    Learn how to use dermal repair serum

    Must be used during the day. It has a synergistic effect with Night Treatment and Day Effect . These three products may be used together to produce optimal effect. Please read inside brochure.

    Remove the cap of the product, empty the dropper inside the bottle and close the cap. Shake the bottle well before each use to activate the serum. Open the cap and use between 10-20 drops each time to message on the entire face and neck. Wait for about three minutes before application of corrective transdermal hydrator, Day Effect. Product use may be increased, in number of drops as well as in number of time used during each day, as tolerated.

  • Net result of Dermal repair serum

    The skin feels tighter with the first application yet firmness of the skin initiates to appear within two weeks of use. Facial contours and jaw lines lifted up and unfold youthfulness and vigor in the first month. The serum is provably promising in prevention and delaying signs of skin aging so continuation is warranted to achieve deterring impact of this dermatological product and to manage, more gracefully, aging course.

    Change in dermal density with use of the productChange in dermal density with use of the product after four months and eight months

    Increase in dermal density with continuation of the product is seen within one month of use. The efficiency of the serum to subdue dermal deterioration as a result of aging grounds in two primary axes, in one lipid peroxidation gets under control and in another intrinsic cutaneous processes are activated and promoted to synthesize dermal elements.

    Increase in epidermal thickness is observed from left to right with continued use of the serumIncrease in epidermal thickness is observed from left to right with continued use of the serum

    While dermal metabolism is propelled by the serum, epidermal thickness demonstrate expansion, which improves appearance of lines and wrinkles and more competent epidermal barrier function. Effectiveness of epidermal barrier provides protection against free radicals and oxidative damage as well as increased water retaining capacity of the skin.

    Variability in effectiveness of complex of dermal repair

    While genetically-engineered growth factors have been found effective in dermal repair mechanisms, their bioavailability and the medium viability within the skin cast stern doubt on most skin care products currently available. Hippocrates labs first developed dermal repair complex serum for treatment of acne scars in acne patients, but later, the favorable outcomes we experienced led us to incorporate the complex into anti aging products, proven successful for years now.



    Dermal repair complex serum is suggested to be used with epidermal ceramides complex cream and skin resurfacing night serum to bring maximum results. It is important to note that there is a synergism among the three formulations: Night Treatment, Day Treatment and Day Effect. Day Effect also enhances firming effect of Day Treatment on sagging skin. Night Treatment Kit includes a. Night Treatment b. Day Effect c. Day Treatment

    Dermal repair serum is hypoallergenic, developed suitable to all skin types even most sensitive skin. In age thirties, the serum is beneficial, more as preventive method, while it shows its anti aging effects on the skin of age forties and older. Dermatology anti aging kit of three skin products comes in three versions, one for mature skin, one for very dry skin and one for normal skin type. For delicate eye areas, use of eye treatment serum is highly suggested and dermal repair serum and night treatment serum may be avoided.

    Skin resurfacing night Serum

    Anti aging night serum for sensitive skin typeAnti aging night serum for sensitive skin type

    Skin aging entails a multitude of aspects which may be addressed by use of more than one single modality or a lone product, often found unsuccessful. With dermal repair complex working to correct dermal degeneration and aging, dwindled skin regeneration remains a task to be accomplished by night treatment serum. This dermatology serum accelerate keratinocytes proliferation not simply by leveraging keratolytic agents yet by nourishing provisions made to the deprived skin.

    This dermatology serum works on skin resurfacing and withal eradication of freckles, skin’s unevenness, discoloration and hyperpigmentation spots. Skin resurfacing effect of night treatment serum after two weeks of use is closely comparable with that of laser procedures done in a dermatologist office. With continuous use anti aging effect of this product becomes more apparent and noticeable. Retexturizing the skin , night serum renders fine lines simply memory of the past while deeper wrinkles appear more superficial.

    Corrective Day Effect

    Epidermal ceramides complex creamEpidermal ceramides complex cream

    This dermatology product has been created to optimize the impact of dermal repair complex serum, Day Treatment, on the skin. Day Effect is also enriched with growth factors withal in a different medium which secures providing the skin with micronutrients to establish metabolic functions of the dermis, ensued by a sense of vitality, firmness and youthfulness. This product firming effect start to show up within one week of use.

    Day Effect ceaselessly works to enhance skin’s microcirculation and helps skin resurfacing effect of Night Treatment to spring. This cream is rich in various lipids and ceramides to maintain the skin’s barrier function and withal an integral element to be used with night serum to deliver its skin resurfacing results.

    This facial cream is a potent skin moisturizer, keeps the skin hydrated for the whole day and one application normally suffices. Substantially fortified with anti oxidants, this product confers protection against free radicals damage and UV lights insult, although, sun block use is always suggested during use of the three step dermatology anti aging kit.