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Psoriasis topical treatment

Psoriasis Topical Serum

30 ml
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Product Brief

Psoriasis Topical Treatment Serum

The ceramide-enriched serum is developed to effectively address all aspects of pathogenesis of psoriatic disease. This topical treatment for mild to moderate disease is aimed:

  • To maintain skin barrier function
  • To restore skin lipid dysregulation, a major culprit in development of psoriasis
  • To establish and regulate ceramides imbalance
  • To contain inflammatory reactions and alleviate cytokines, IL-17;IL-23;TNF-α, outburst
  • To promote reduction of psoriatic scale

  • Psoriasis topical serum is bioengineered for mild to moderate disease and maintenance treatment of severe disease. It is not the regular psoriasis cream formulation. It comes in a serum preparation in a more concentrated form with 5% ceramides as a topical psoriasis treatment. May be used twice a day.

  • How to use the skin product

    how to use Psoriasis cream

    Psoriasis cream in a serum formulation is intended as a topical treatment for scalp and extensor surfaces of major joints such as the knee and elbow. Fraying inflammatory processes, this non-corticosteriod topical product winnows out psoriatic scales without side effect of skin thinning which is the major disadvantage of corticosteriods use.

    The psoriatic cream is intended for mild to moderate scalp psoriasis, affecting less than 50% of the scalp area as well as psoriastic lesions present in other body regions. In maintenance treatment of severe psoriasis could be applied to the affected skin as an adjunct while systemic treatment is in use.