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Alpha Lipoic Acid Skin

Alpha lipoic acid skin benefits, oxidative damage and skin aging

Anti oxidant activity of alpha lipoic acid, an anti aging element

Alpha lipoic acid skin advantages has been recognized as a broad spectrum anti-oxidant for its antagonizing ability on skin aging through:


  • to act both in cell membranes including nuclear membrane and interior of the cell
  • to regenerate main other antioxidants from their inactive or radical forms including vitamin C, vitamin E and glutathione. Since it recharges oxidized vitamins C and E which are exogenous antioxidants, lipoic acid counterbalance these vitamins during chronic and transient deficiency
  • to neutralize free radicals through different mechanisms in different organs (it also passes blood brain barrier) to increase the level of glutathione (one of the major endogenous antioxidants made within the cells) in the cell. Level of glutathione decreases in all immune compromised conditions and during stress. Thus it compensate for transient depletion of glutathione during stress and its immediate benefit in skin aging
  • to counteract the deteriorative effects of chronic hyperglycemia by increasing glucose utilization. Elevated glucose level triggers free radical reactions
  • to control the AGE products. AGEs, or advanced glycosylated products may result in dysfunction of normal proteins and decreased turnover and tissue remodeling

Metabolic activity of alpha lipoic acid

This potent anti oxidant also serves as a cofactor for a number of vital
enzymes responsible for the conversion of glucose, fatty acids
and other energy sources into chemical energy (ATP).


alpha lipoic acid

Alpha lipoic acid


Small amount of this acid are bound chemically (coenzyme) at the active site of enzyme complexes, it works by becoming reduced and facilitates biological reactions from which energy is harnessed. Lipoic acid has been recognized as a free radical scavenger that can influence oxidative damage and reduce inflammatory cytokines. This properties may be utilizied in treatment and prevention of acne scars and other forms of scarring and a damaged skin with changes in collagen and elastin fibers arrangements.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is thought to be potentially effective in preventing the following age-related conditions: Neurodegenerative conditions Atherosclerosis, hypertension and stroke Cancer prevention


Alpha Lipoic Acid and skin cells

Lipid peroxidation has been recognized as one of the leading causes of sagging skin. Alpha lipoic acid skin preparations by maintaining the level of major antioxidants in a desirable level within the cell- membrane and cystosol has the potential to prevent lipid peroxidation throughout the cells which warrants its application in skin care pharmaceuticals.

Alpha Lipoic Acid skin formulations also impart their anti-aging skin effects on the skin cells by neutralizing free radicals induced by sun exposure and other environmental sources, which justifies its utilization in anti aging skin care products such as night treatment. Oxidative damage has been recognized as a causal factor in inflammatory acne, which introduced use of lipoic acid in evidence based acne products such as acne treatment kit.