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Eye Treatment - under eyes puffiness serum

15 ml -1/ 2 fl.oz
USD $92

Hypoallergenic, all skin types, Complimentary Shipping

Product Brief

Eye Treatment, puffiness targeted, puffy eye serum

Ester-C, Seaweed Peptides and Silica Triple Complex,

Perpetual delivery of collagen conservants, epidermal growth factors


  • Attenuating puffiness and signs of fatigue by increasing the drainage and restoring capillaries well being and endothelial function
  • Instantly softens the appearance of surface lines
  • Restoring firmness by provoking extra cellular matrix (ECM) to enhance its collagen and fibronectin synthesis using epidermal growth factors
  • Brightens under eyes area by eradicating dark circles using organic compounds, not chemicals, to eliminate skin discolorations
  • Minimizing appearance of lines and wrinkles, this puffy eye serum helps firm and tone the skin using anti aging peptides
  • Protecting against free radicals and environmental harshness leveraging alpha lipoic acid , bioflavanoids and optimal concentration of resveratrol
  • Nourishing the skin with essential fatty acids, essential vitamins, glycoproteins and ceramides
  • Containing inflammation, a cardinal culprit in under eye puffiness. Puffy eye serum employs organic compounds and plant extracts to substantially subside under eye edema

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  • Intensive treatment with promising results

    A noble treatment to your eye contours as stately as Marie-Therese and as magnanimous as Aurora, a profuse harvest of most refined ingredients backed up by anti aging research. The eye serum animates the skin dynamics by reviving the indolent repair mechanisms deep within the dermis to regain firmness and reduce wrinkling. The three Hippocrates eye care formulations are very similar in composition. Please pay attention to your primary concern to choose anti aging eye product which suits you best.

  • How to use the skin product

    Application Of Eye Treatment Serum

    Could be worn under your favorite moisturizer, in particular, Hippocrates Day Effect, an anti aging skin hydrator. Could be used twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Allow three minutes before application of Day Effect or any other moisturizer you are using for effective absorption of biomolecules. A night application is most recommended and of more immediate results. As a reminder, Night Treatment, anti aging wrinkle serum, should be avoided over the eye area.

  • Innovative evidence-based skin care backed by research, serum technology

    That’s right, eyes make the first impression and their beauty comes first in any face and very commonly their aging manifestations precede other areas of the face. These beautiful structures are exceptionally sensitive to environmental harshness and cutaneous aging. As eyes are more expressive, they are subject to more physical tensions and withal more prone to genetic aging for their scarce dermal tissue so they reveal signs of skin aging before any other area in your skin.

    A clinical study of 14-week length examined use of a peptide treatment serum on the skin of 29 subjects of various age to evaluate the effect of gamma amino butryic acid, GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter, on aging skin. This research found statistically significant improvement in facial rejuvenation, eye lines and eye wrinkles compare to baseline. They used actetyl  otca-peptide-3 to inhibit acetylcholine release and calm the facial muscles as their frequent contractions gives rise to lines and wrinkles.

    Endothelial damage and capillaries health

    Endothelial dysfunction and decline of capillaries well being with aging is another major culprit which doubles the imbroglio in eye contours and leads to under eye edema and puffy eyes. As inflammation adds up whether as direct result of aging phenomenon and poor diet or caused by disorders such as allergic rhinitis or common cold the situation deteriorates and more devastation ensues.

    These aggressors may lead to development of various vexations involving this over-sensitive area such as puffy eyes, dark circles under eyes, crow’s feet and fine lines. Hippocrates labs has bioengineered a tailored line of skin care for this highly sensitive region founded on anti aging research. This anti aging line consists of serums, more concentrated vehicles to deliver biomolecules, developed to address immediate needs of eye contours, from lack of tone, sagginess and puffiness to dark circles under your eyes, fine lines and wrinkles.

    Highly developed, resultant, unequivocal, Hippocrates eye contours skin care is an essential line of antiaging aids by which results are being promised everyday through safeguarding against air pollutants and sun rays, replenishment of depleted structural molecules in an over-stressed epidermis and rebuilding the skin more vigorous as anti wrinkle agents and epidermal growth factors symbiotically merge.

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