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Dark circles under eye treatment

Dermatology of lower eyelid dark circles, treatment approach

That’s right, eyes make the first impression and their beauty comes first in any face. These beautiful structures are exceptionally sensitive to environmental harshness and cutaneous aging. As eyes are more expressive, they are subject to more physical tensions, that makes them more prone to genetic aging so they reveal signs of aging before any other area in your skin. In addition , eyes are subject to more frequent mak-up application and removal, causing more irritations.

These aggressors may lead to development of various problems involving this over-sensitivve area such as puffy eyes, dark circles around the eyes, crow’s feet and fine lines. Hippocrates has bioengineered a tailored line of skin care for this highly sensitive region with a to target dark circles under eye treatment. This line consists of serums developed to address immediate needs of eye’s surrounding skin, from lack of tone and puffiness to dark circles under your eyes and fine lines. Highly developed, resultant, unequivocal, this eye contours skin care is a essential line of grooming aids by which results are being promised everyday.

Dark circles under eye pathology

Periorbital hyperpigmentation in some cases, are inherited and have no correlation with lack of sleep or stress. Delicate eye area is exceptionally sensitive to stress, environmental harshness and genetic aging. Under eye circles are the result of excess blood pigments in the connective tissue, hemosiderin deposition, and poor lymphatic/venous circulation exacerbate the situation, venous stasis.

Leaky Capillaries

Heme extravasation from infraorbital leaky capillaries and its deposition in extra cellular matrix has been known as a contributing factor in etiology of under eye dark circles and removal of this underlying culprit using a plant extract, fucus extract, has been shown by one study to be effectual in treatment of dark circles under eyes.

Aging skin and soft tissue changes in lower eyelidAnatomy of the undereye skin, how it is impacted by aging which leads to sagginess and hyperpigmentation

Therapeutics which counteract dark undereye circles pathology

Thereby, skin brightening serums have been developed to alleviate melanin deposition in under eye’s skin in a study which used combination of retinol (ROL) 0.5%, niacinamide 4.4%, resveratrol 1%, and hexylresorcinol 1.1%. Thin and transparent epidermis of the region let the tiny blood vessels of this area ( capillaries ) to show off. This may explain why fair skin individuals are more prone to dark circles. However, dark skins are not exempted from the impairment. There are certain factors/situations, which may exacerbate these dark circles such as pregnancy, cold, flu, allergies and aging. Eczema and itchy skin by causing inflammation in the area also can contribute to under eye circles.

Lower eyelid dark circles treatment approach

Laser treatments for dark circles under the eyes

Laser treatments have been widely used to dark circles under eye treatment with some transitory success. Laser procedures for eye contours have been found effective to dramatically reduce deposition of melanin in upper dermis, which is a major contributory factor in development of the condition. However, laser treatments require office visits and should be continued in order to achieve satisfactory results. In addition, laser treatments may be complimented with an skin care regimen to prevent delicate eye area from developing dryness and sensitivities.

Skin care treatments for infraorbital dark circles

How our skin care for eye-contours can help? Prevention, correction, nutrition, protection, hydration and cleansing are all parts of this corrective line. These delicate areas require appropriate care. Softening lines and wrinkles and fading away darkened fine circles are among promises of high potency serums, of which dark circles under eye treatment has been specifically bioengineered for this particular purpose. The anti aging serum aimed to relieve dark circles optimizes the metabolic functions in dermal fibroblasts, maintaining more efficient cell metabolism to counteract aging processes implicated in progress of the condition.

Serum formulations as opposed to cream vehicles

What are serums? Serums have been recognized as the most efficient vehicles to deliver ingredients with therapeutic effects to the epidermis and deeper layers. Serums, the most complete method to penetrate layers of the skin with a targeted mission are placed at the heart of evidence-based skin care formulations. Their mission is to correct and they are the first step to our anti aging program. This delivery system consisting of potent serums addresses your immediate skin care concerns from wrinkles, scars and dullness to age spots, acne , sensitivities, dark skins concerns.

Learn how to use serums

These corrective serums applied first, followed by a nourishing or corrective moisturizer to address the secondary epidermal concerns such as loss of hydration and fatigue. A simple regimen of cleansing, moisturizer, and sun care will do the trick. However, there are also effective preventive measures you can take to delay the visible signs of aging, as well as after-the-fact strategies that can save your complexion.

Serums for treatment of eye contours

Our evidence-basked skin care has specifically developed three formulations for this delicate skin region. Eye Treatment for puffiness, treatment for dark circles under eyes and Eye Treatment for sagginess and wrinkles. Please note all three formulations/ eye creams target the sagging skin and fine lines around the eyes, yet, each one has its own focus. Please see which problem concerns you the most.

Anti aging Eye Treatment for dark circles

Retexturize, renew and wrinkle defense contours of the eyes. Greatly reduces the appearance of line and wrinkles

Enhance collagen, fibronectin, glycosaminoglycans, primary constituents of extracellular matrix, which deteriorate in function and quantitative level as a result of aging by leveraging epidermal growth factor, palmitoyl tripeptide and quercentin glycosides.
Brighten around the eye skin, fade away dark circles under eyes using our anti pigmentation complex, which target melanin and hemosiderin involved culprits in etiology of dark circles under eye . This complex has been developed according to Hippocrates’ byword of harmony with nature. One of its elements is Kojic acid. Being a natural element, Kojic acid is found in a Japanese mushroom. Many studies indicate that it has the same lightening efficacy as that of hydroquinnone. However, Kojic acid is more skin-friendly than its rival, hydroquinnone.
Nourish the skin with micro-nutrients, amino acids, vitamins. GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid). Vitamin K is especially important in health of capillaries of the region. Damaged capillaries and their leakage may contribute to periorbital hyperpigmentation and dark areas.
Noticeably smoother and firm the skin by making it come out tighter and more youthfully defined.
Attenuating puffiness and signs of fatigue by increasing the drainage.
Protect your skin against free radicals. This anti aging dark circles under eye treatment formula contains bioflavanoids and Green tea extract , an exceptional free radical scavenger considered to have ten times stronger antioxidant activity than vitamin E.

Anti aging eye treatment serum for dark circles under eyesAnti aging eye treatment serum for dark circels under eyes

Lower eyelid puffiness

Eye Treatment for puffy eyes is very similar in formulation to dark circles under eye treatment as the two conditions are largely due to aging processes. These serums enhance the metabolic functions in dermal connective tissue which results in optimized connective tissue fibers production, keratinocyte differentiation and less generation of free radicals. The serum also maintains capillary health and function to cease their leakiness. Enhanced elasticity and reduction of fine lines are visibly perceptible within two weeks of use of this eye serum while undereyes puffiness is remarkably under control. Eye treatment serum is hypoallergenic, developed suitable to most sensitive skin type.

Anti aging eye treatment serum for puffinessAnti aging eye treatment serum for puffiness

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