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Acne scars treatment kit of four products, dermal repair serum, epidermal regenerative complex, skin resurfacing serum

Acne scars treatment kit

30 ml - 1 fl.oz, 60 ml - 2 fl.oz, 30ml - 1 fl.oz, 30ml - 1 fl.oz
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Hypoallergenic, All Skin Types, Complimentary Shipping

Product Brief

Collagen rebuilding with tripeptide-5 1. Serum for acne scars treatment ; 2. Dermal repair serum; 3. Regenerative complex cream; 4. Facial Exfoliator

  • To efficiently eliminate acne scars and pigmentation spots by skin resurfacing
  • To help proliferate growth factors involved in collagen repair using, epidermal growth factor
  • To minimize and tighten the pores
  • To promote a natural radiant glow to the skin
  • To increase the skin tone and elasticity by working deep in the dermis layer and dermal repair
  • To stimulate the skin’s own healing mechanisms involved in formation of scarring
  • To retexturize the skin and increase skin smoothness
  • To promote and correct collagen remodeling deep within the dermis layer
  • To protect the skin against free radicals which impart a substantial impact on collagen network deterioration (serum for acne scars treatment is enriched in bioflavanoids
  • To reduce appearance of acne spots and hyperpigmentation areas, giving rise to a brighter complexion using natural plant extracts and kojic acid


  • Synergism of the 4 skin care products for treatment of acne scars

    Varying in severity and type, acne scars require more than one single method to be effectively treated. Thus, acne scars treatment attends to several approaches substantially distinct in mechanism of action and the targeted tissue. In line with the above statements comes acne scars serum which primarily works by skin resurfacing akin to non-ablative laser procedures and dermal repair serum whose reach to enhance dermal functions and production of collagen appear cardinal and unparalleled.

    The four elements of the kit have synergism which means one product potentiates the effect of the other and, therefore, they must be used together in order to optimally pan out. Skin resurfacing dermatology procedures such as laser, peels and dermabrasion generally leave the skin more dry which warrants generous use of nourishing and healing agents. By the same token, essential engagement of Day Effect while using the two serums is necessary and complimentary.

    Serum for acne scars treatment

    A highly potent serum which delivers perceptible results within one month of use. Best acne scar removal products should work through the epidermidis as well as dermis layer of the skin and Hippocrates serum for acne scars treatment simply affect the both skin layers to produce  its end result, that is, tighter facial contours which pronounce the appearance of the scarring much reduced and the skin pores appear tighter.

    On the other hand, in a span of weeks the skin resurfacing effect of the serum grows more evident and tangible. Skin resurfacing is the underlying mechanism by which most notable dermatologist office procedures including laser skin resurfacing and chemical peels work by accelerating keratinocytes proliferation and allowing the most superficial cells to fall off. Leveraged for its convenience of using at home, the serum for acne scars treatment utilizes the same technology to renew the skin and superficialize the scars.

    Serum for acne scars treatmentSerum for acne scars treatment, skin resurfacing treatment works as deep as dermis layer of the skin

    Concurrent with the above-stated changes, hyperpigmentation spots, the skin discolorations and other acne residues associated with melanin changes bound to undetection and the skin look brighter as the skin metabolic functions run more vigorously.

    This skin product takes advantage of serum technology, widely used in dermatology, to yield solid results within weeks of use. Serums, in large, are more concentrated and caution may be exercised in their use by incremental increase in the amount of usage. Please visit the page where in detail use of the product is described. The serum for acne scars treatment respects the skin’s natural pH and is developed hypoallergenic to deliver results even to most sensitive skin type. The serum should be used with the three other products in the acne scars treatment kit for optimal efficiency.

    The acne scars serum works effectively on atrophic scars which are further categorized as rolling scars, icepick, boxcars  and pitted acne scars.  These scars are histologically associated with reduction in skin thickness, loss of dermal fat, collagen and elastin tissues as well as inward pulling of the epidermis which further deteriorates as scar ages. Best serum for acne scars and dark spots should comprehensively get to grip with all aspects of tissue degeneration occurred within scarring.

    Dermal repair serum works well within the dermis

    While acne scars treatment serum is aspired to work on the epidermis, the dermal repair serum is intended to incite metabolic functions of the dermis and restore the sluggish circulation and connective tissue repair mechanisms. This leads to production of dermal building blocks such as glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans and rearrangements of connective tissue fibers, responsible to provide resilience to the skin, disrupted as a result of scar tissue formation.

    Dermal repair serum is leveraged by growth factors, derived from stem cells, to activate the skin own repair mechanisms while a medium rich in micronutrients essential for connective tissue repair is served. Contribution of this serum turns more significant when serum for acne scars treatment performs its skin resurfacing function and make provision for effective production of dermal repair serum.

    Dermal repair complex  serum, an element of acne scars treatment kitDermal repair complex serum, to accelerate dermal metabolic processes

    Regenerative complex cream

    Regenerative complex cream is to complement the end result of the two serums and to nourish the skin and provide micro elements for the skin under an increased turnover stoked by the treatment serums. While this cream is a competent moisturizer and  nourisher, use of a sun block to protect the skin against free radical damage induced by sun rays is very much advisable.

    Regenerative complex is corrective in that it is developed with activation of cutaneous regenerative processes, protects against environmental harshness and lipid peroxidation which can further deteriorate acne scars. Hypoallergenic, this vital cream formulation is appropriate for sensitive skin type.

    Regenerative complex cream, acne scars treatment kitRegenerative complex cream to incite indolent regenerative functions and help with acne scars repair mechanisms

    Novelty of Facial Exfoliator

    This product loosen the dead cells on the surface of the skin and allows more authoritative penetration of the two serums. Similar to microdermabrasion in mode of effectiveness, facial exfoliator utilizes soft abrasive particles to remove the most superficial skin cells to condition the skin for complimentary work of the two serum products, acne scars serum and dermal repair serum.

    Facial exfoliator, acne scars treatment kitFacial exfoliator, acne scars treatment kit

  • Advice on how to use the kit

    Acne scar treatment serum must be used at night. It has a synergistic effect with regenerative complex cream and Dermal Repair serum, both intended to use during the day. The four elements of the kit must be used together to produce the optimal results. Please visit our page on FAQ on acne scars treatment for further information on the use and effect of the products.

    Acne treatment kit, an alternative choice

    For those with active acne vulgaris lesions, use of acne treatment kit is more strongly suggested as it treats viable lesions and regulates oily skin while works, resourcefully but more slowly, on acne scars. Novelty of acne treatment kit comes in its pragmatism not only in treating acne but in recovering the skin to its original status and preventing further disease.

    acne treatment kit of 3 products synergistically work together to address chronicity of the diseaseAcne treatment kit of 3 products synergistically work together to address chronicity of the disease

  • Side effects and treatment failures of acne scars treatment kit

    Absolutely no side effect. A serum-based technology which delivers effective ingredients more readily and increase potency of the product. Enriched with multitude of essential micronutrients to age-defy the skin the serum for acne scars and hyperpigmentation spots addresses skin’s aging process as acne scars tend to become more exaggerated in appearance with aging. However, care should be exercised for using this regimen by incremental increase in dosage.

    This kit is not the same as any other cream purchased from a drugstore. Instructions should be followed carefully and meticulously. Skin redness might occur from time to time. Can it be prevented? Yes, it can. Please read our page on how to use the serum and FAQs. Very sensitive skin should start with not more than five drops each night. Gradually and incrementally you can increase this amount as your skin adapts to the products.

    It is advisable a trial of the kit before moving to more radical strategies such as excision and subcision or laser skin resurfacing for removal of acne scars. Please note treatment of acne scars is more of a challenge in part due to variability in type as well as severity of the acne scars. This issue grows more prominent with atrophic acne scars where some skin’s fat loss and associated dermal atrophy are present which warrants a combination of modalities to treat the disease.

    Patient’s expectations are always of concern with dermatology procedures and should be esteemed crucial in initiating a treatment. Extent of effectiveness, short and long term outcomes of each modality may be thoroughly discussed as questions should be deemed positive and approached openly. Serum for acne scars treatment is backed up by several lines of research studies and continually reinvented as new studies shape up and substantiated findings are incorporated into development of new dermatology products to establish an environmentally conscious line delivering promising results.

    How long does the products for acne scars last

    The kit is a supply for 6-8 weeks. Four elements of this kit are not sold individually as they have synergistic effects with one another, which simply means one potentiates the impact of another. Serum for acne scars treatment is a potent serum with instructions which should be followed thoroughly. The use of serum for acne scars may be gradually increased to allow the skin adaptation to new changes and more adroitly revoke its own viable bio-molecules implicated in wound healing mechanisms and pathogenesis of acne scars.

    How quickly the serum works and results

    In one week your skin starts to peel, new skin forms, dead cells fall off and your skin is resurfaced. Continuous use changes skin tone and texture. Your skin feels tighter and facial contours appear more vigorous upon touch as dermal fibers grow more rich and infiltrated in the scarred areas. Dark and hyperpigmented spots fade away within two weeks of use while acne scars are felt more superficial and their appearance much less pronounced.

    Hyperpigmentation acne scar start to disappear within two weeks and your skin color becomes even throughout. Acne scars change into more shallow lesions everyday. In months you will notice some acne scars totally disappeared and deeper ones turn more superficial, acne spots and hyperpigmentations change into a memory of the past.

    Concurrent with above changes, the skin feels tighter with a natural lift-up effect as facial contours turn firm and wrinkles much less pronounced. With continuation of use, atrophic acne scars of all types including boxcar scars, rolling scars and pitted scars seem less in number as many disappear and some other loom scarce.

    Who may use the serum and for what types of acne scars

    Ideal candidate is someone with facial acne scars, regardless of age, type and no matter how long has been past since formation of acne scars. Acne spots, boxcar and ice-pick/pitted acne scars will benefit from use of the kit. Due to anti aging effects of these acne scar treatment products, your skin substantially benefits from serum for acne scars treatment even if you don’t have any scarring and you may choose to continue using the same kit once all acne scars eliminated.

    Body acne scars tend to respond more slowly to this treatment kit as facial skin’s circulation is much more robust and vigorous. Body scars followed by injury rather than acne are more stubborn and their treatment takes longer period of time. Stretch marks can also improve with continuous use of this kit even though pathology of their development differs from that of acne scars. How to use acne scar treatment