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Skincare for acne scars, a practical guide

Who may use Acne Scars Treatment Serum?

Four-peices skin care for acne scars has been bio-engineered for removal of acne residues such as scarring and discolorations. Facial scars developed not as a result of acne also benefit from this regimen, especially icepick scars, pitted scars and atrophic scars. Care must be exercised on how to use acne scars treatment since it is a highly potent serum with therapeutic effects. If you are still having active acne, the treatment of choice would be treatment kit, which not only controls your acne but also resurfaces your skin and helps with scar treatment in a slower rate compare with this treatment.

Four-piece skincare for acne scars deliver results more effective than laser skin resurfacingFour-piece skincare for acne scars deliver results more effective than laser skin resurfacing

You may use this treatment for the following reasons

  • To effectively treat acne scars using an at-home regimen versus extravagant office operations
  • To retexturize and resurface the skin simultaneous with gradual elimination of deep acne scars
  • To vanish discolorations and even-tone the skin
  • To protect the skin against free radicals and signs of aging
  • To enjoy an anti aging skin care, which may be continued even after complete removal of acne scars
  • To minimize and tighten skin pores
Acne scars treatment best works on atrophic scars, ice-pick scars, pitted scars and rolling acne scarsClinical presentation of icepick scars and pitted scars from left to right respectively. The two presented subtypes of atrophi scars are most amenable to treatment with acne scars treatment kit

Application: How you may apply acne scars treatment

Serum for acne scars is a potent two-phase serum mostly used under supervision of a dermatologist who can instruct on how to use acne scar treatment. However you may not need this supervision if you follow instructions thoroughly and follow this step by step practical guide how to use skincare for acne scars.

Each night before using acne scars treatment check your entire face and neck for possible redness. If redness is obviously visible, take that night off the serum and use “Day Effect” instead till your skin get healed. If redness is not obviously visible cleanse your entire face and neck using a cotton pad and a cleanser. Wait for a few minutes till your skin completely dry. Open the bottle and empty the dropper inside the bottle. Close the bottle and shake it very well before each use. Apply twelve to fifteen drops of Scar Treatment ALONE at night on cleansed dry skin (your entire face and neck except for around the eye area) using ONE of your fingertips.

Use one of your fingertips to massage the serum over your skin. Massage at least for 60 seconds. Leave it for several hours probably the whole time you sleep. Upon application a tingling sensation may be felt. This sensation fade away gradually. Very sensitive-skin may experience a redness in face. If the redness becomes persistent, you may give your face one night rest and do not use the serum for one night only.

Serum for acne scars treatmentSerum for acne scars treatment, skin resurfacing treatment works as deep as dermis layer of the skin

Application of Dermal Repair (An element of skincare for acne scars)

Best acne scar treatment may address dermal processes which restore realignment of collagen and elastin fibers and their interaction with glycosaminoglycans and actively involve in wound healing, that is the pivotal role of dermal repair complex serum. Make sure your skin is not red or irritated before this application. If there is some redness or irritations on your skin wait for few days till your skin completely healed before this application.

1. Use Facial Exfoliator to scrub your skin in the morning using circular movements. A good scrub takes between 3-5 minutes. Wash your face with warm water. Let your skin dry.

2. Apply dermal repair using one of your fingertips to all over your face and neck. Wait for three minutes

Dermal repair serum activates dermal metabolic functions to reconstitute and remodel dermal arrangement of its building blocksDermal repair serum activates dermal metabolic functions to reconstitute and remodel dermal arrangement of its building blocks

Corrective transepidermat hydrator

3. Now your skin is ready for Day Effect. This cream is scientifically bio-constructed to recover the skin for another round of skin resurfacing performed by acne scars treatment serum. While it heals and can be generously applied, it provide the skin with critical elements skin becomes depleted of while other metabolic functions are in progress. Use your fingertips not your whole palm to apply the cream.

Regenerative complex cream, acne scars treatment kitRegenerative complex cream to incite indolent regenerative functions and help with acne scars repair mechanisms

Facial exfoliator

Facial Exfoliator, the fourth product of skincare for acne scars, could be used at night before application of “scars treatment serum”. This would facilitate penetration of ingredients in the serum to the skin, for more information on acne scar serum.

Facial Exfoliator to recapture skin's viability for effective reception of dermal repair complexFacial Exfoliator to recapture skin’s viability for effective reception of dermal repair complex

– If you are noticing patches of redness on your skin, you are not doing enough massage of your skin at the time of application. The massage let an even absorption of the products simultaneous with increasing the circulation to your skin. The net result would be more efficient nourishment of skin’s cell membranes.

– Be in charge of possible redness in your face. If you are experiencing too much redness on your skin, take one night off “Acne Scar Treatment Serum”, instead apply “Day Effect” over the entire face and neck area and let your skin heal itself. The following night you can continue with your routine.

Adjunctive sun screen

4. You can follow with a sunscreen as it use becomes more indispensable while acne scars treatment is exercised to protect the skin against free radicals and lipid peroxidation processes which agitate dermal repair mechanisms and lead to deterioration in appearance of acne scars

5. If you see any trace of redness on your face, do not apply “Acne Scars Serum” the following night till the redness or sensitivity completely disappear. Instead, use “Day Effect” to heal your skin faster.

Sunscreens remain more critical while any resurfacing method is in useSunscreens remain more critical while any resurfacing method is in use

Important tips:

– A crust or scab may form on the treated area from time to time, which often associated with all skin resurfacing procedures and other methods used to improve acne scarring. This is a good sign. Your skin is repairing itself and the skincare for acne scars is performing well to the expectations. A crust or scab can take two to three days to loosen and fall off. After few days, the new skin should be apparent and healing should have progressed.

– Scrubbing your face and neck once every week helps to get rid of scales. Once-a-week hot bathes are also helpful to get rid of dead skin.

– An important step in how to use acne scar treatment is application of dermal repair serum and maintenance therapy with Day Effect during the day.

– Every morning after washing your face while your skin is still wet, massage your face using your fingertips with circular movements to loosen the scales accumulated on the surface of your skin. This helps removal of scales.