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Body acne treatment to control acne lesions on the back, chest and shoulders

Body Acne Treatment

180 ml, 6 oz
USD $62

Hypoallergenic, All Skin Types

Product Brief

Acne Treatment for body

Body acne treatment has been bio engineered to address acne lesions on the shoulders, back and chest and it conforms to most updated dermatolgoy guidelines. It is an all-encompassing control of inflammatory acne by addressing all aspects of pathogenesis of acne vulgaris, which includes sebum dysregulation, hyperconification of sebaceous ducts, bacterial colonization and inflammation.

Product highlights

Body acne treatment aim:

  • To purify the skin and clarify the pores inside out
  • To eradicate bacteria, Propionibacterium acnes, residing in skin pores and control bacterial colonization
  • To regulate the skin secretions, control sebum production and balance skin homeostasis, concurrent with skin’s moisturization
  • To counteract hormonal imbalance at dermal-epidermal level
  • To even tone the complexion and eliminate skin discolorations, kojic acid
  • To minimize and tighten the pores
  • To control inflammatory cytokines and relieve skin’s stress employing epidermal growth factor
  • Reliably effective in treatment of closed and comedonal acne, whiteheads and blackheads


  • More product info

    Body acne treatment is 6 full ounces, a two months supply when used as directed.

  • Learn how to use

    Use Body acne treatment two times once in the morning and once at night using a cotton pad over the affected areas. Body acne treatment may be used after daily showers on dry skin. Avoid mechanical contact, scrubbing during bathing and tight clothing during treatment.

  • Evidence-based skin care for acne prone skin

    Body acne treatment is part of Hippocrates line of skin care for dermatology disorders, line for acne prone skin. The three other products include:

    Acne treatment serum, Day effect for acne prone skin and Pore cleanser.

    Acne treatment serum

    Recover skin’s equilibrium and sebaceous follicles homeostasis by addressing all aspects of pathogenesis of acne vulgaris. Bacteriostatic serum contains bacteria causing acne and respects skin’s own microbiome preventing dysbiosis. Anti acne serum ratchet down inflammation and subside cytokine processes. Hypoallergenic, the serum developed gentle to most sensitive skin.

    Acne treatment serum targets the four main pathological culprits causing acne vulgarisAcne treatment serum targets the four main pathological culprits causing acne vulgaris

    Acne prevention cream

    Day Effect for acne prone skin is a cream formulation which regulate sebum secretions and replenishes the skin with vital biomolecules depleted in overzealous sebaceous follicles in the skin inflicted with acne disease. Day Effect also alleviates inflammatory reactions in the distressed skin struggling with acne state and prevent against further insults by free radicals oxidation which stokes initial mechanisms involved in development of the disease.

    acne prevention creamAcne prevention cream effectively prevents acne breakouts and prolong remissions, not an oil free product defying conventions which has long reined acne treatment guidelines

    Pore cleanser for acne prone skin

    Acne pore cleanser is bactericidal while it respects the skin’s natural microbiome and prevents dysbiosis, a mechanism which, in turn, incites bacterial resistance and aggravation of acne. This balancing cleanser has been developed with reverence to the skin’s natural pH and does not stir up sebaceous glands to further exaggerate oily skin. Pore cleanser for acne prone skin is hypoallergenic and proper even for most sensitive skin.

    Although the distribution of sebaceous glands and sebaceous follicles varies in different areas of the body, back and body acne in development and etiology is not distinct from facial acne and the same mechanisms involve and apply. Therefore treatment of body acne implicates the same principles of treatment for facial acne and best body acne treatment may address the primary etiology and pathology of the disease state. It is of note that preparations for body acne treatment often fail as one product is to counteract several culprits of the disease, a goal rather hard to reach as for facial acne, 3-step acne skin care regimen is more commonly in practice.

    Sebaceous fatty acids in acne treatmentAcne cleanser in parallel with acne treatment serum and prevention cream effectively controls bacterial dysbiosis, casting an alarming doubt on practices which exceedingly rely on benzoyl peroxide and topical antibiotics