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Acne treatment for men

30 ml - 1 fl.oz, 60 ml - 2 fl.oz, 180ml - 6 fl.oz
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Product Brief

Acne treatment serum for men

1. Acne treatment night serum; 2. Regulating day effect; 3. Balancing cleanser and toner

    • To purify the skin and clarify the pores inside out by directly combating culprits involved in pathogenesis of acne vulgaris
    • To eradicate bacteria residing in skin pores and control bacterial colonization
    • To regulate the skin secretions and control sebum production
    • To counteract hormonal imbalance at dermal-epidermal level, which may contribute to hormonal acne
    • To even tone the complexion, acne treatment for men eliminates skin discolorations, acne spots, acne scars
    • To minimize and tighten the pores
    • To control inflammatory cytokines implicated in inflammatory acne and relieve skin’s stress

While each product targets one culprit in pathogenesis of acne vulgaris, the three products in this evidence-based skin care for acne treatment for men work in synergy with one another to produce ideal results. The night serum mainly focuses on hypercornification of sebaceous ducts while Day Effect primarily exerts its effect through regulation of sebum hypersecretion. The cleanser challenges bacteria residing in the skin’s pores concurrent with greatly respecting skin’s mantle protective proteins. Even though the pathogenesis of acne vulgaris and guidelines for treatment remains gender neutral, men tend to show a distinctive attitude toward skin care treatments. To its credit, acne treatment for men addresses the difference in men’s skin type as well as the fact that men’s skin influenced by distinct hormonal environment. Acne serum leverages high potency serum technology for brisk favorable outcomes which are lasting with continuous use. This treatment may be used during exacerbation as well as in maintenance treatment of acne. The kit is a two-month supply and recommended for everyday use, the serum is to be applied at night while Day Effect is for day application after use of the cleanser, which could be applied two times a day. The cleanser may be directly used on the lesion in case of rupture.

  • Acne Treatment kit, a supply for two months, comprises of three formulations: 1- Acne treatment serum, a concentrated serum to retexturize the skin and control sebum secretion. It also tighten the pores and resurface the skin to improve scarring appearance. 2- Day Effect, a regulating moisturizer to balance secretions, regulate sebum and sooth the skin using the finest botanical extracts 3- One-Step Pore-Cleanser and Toner, a formulation that targets bacterial colonization to effectively control breakouts

  • The serum must be used at night. It has a synergistic effect with Day Effect acne prone skin and One-step Cleanser and Toner acne prone skin. These three products must be used together to produce the maximum result. This kit is a two months supply.